General Services Agreement

Subscription and Acknowledgement of Terms:

  • Commencement: The Client agrees to subscribe to a Angelion.Online plan and adhere to the specified payment schedule. The agreement is effective from the service initiation date.
  • Payment Responsibility: The Client is responsible for ensuring the availability of funds for timely payments throughout the plan’s duration.

Pause Your Payments:

  • Suspension Option: Clients may request a temporary suspension of their payment plan for up to two weeks annually without incurring additional costs.
  • Term Extension: The minimum term of the agreement will be extended by the corresponding suspension period.

Co-Ownership and Ownership Transfer:

  • During Agreement: The Angelion.Online plan’s infrastructure is co-owned by The Client and Angelion.Online.
  • Post-Agreement: Upon termination of the agreement, full ownership of the infrastructure transfers to The Client.

Default on Payment and Administrative Fees:

  • Late Payment Fee: An administrative fee of $49 is levied for each missed payment to cover additional bookkeeping and accounts receivable costs.

Subscription and Payment Processing:

  • Payment Method: Revenant to the project, payments must be made monthly or weekly via debit or credit card.
  • Processing: All transactions are securely processed through Stripe.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Complete Payout Requirement: To cancel the Angelion.Online Website Design plan, the Client is not obligated to pay the total amount of the proposal outlined in the initial agreement, though compensation would be appreciated; at this point, Angelion.Online assumes ownership for the website, content and assets. Content Creation, Branding, Graphic Design or other services must be paid in full. This ensures that Angelion.Online is compensated for the resources allocated and work undertaken until cancellation.
  • Written Notice: Cancellation requests must be communicated in writing, clearly stating the intention to terminate the agreement.

Changes to Scope:

  • Client Notification: Any changes to the project’s scope, whether they result in an increase or decrease of work, will be communicated to the Client in writing. This ensures transparency and mutual understanding of the revised project parameters.
  • Adjustment of Terms: Following the scope change notification, the terms of the agreement, including costs and timelines, may be adjusted accordingly. The Client will receive a detailed explanation of these adjustments for approval.
  • Reversion to Standard RRP: Removing or changing items from the agreed rollout may result in a default back to the standard Retail Recommended Price (RRP) for the entire project. Any discounts applied due to the packaging of services in the rollout will be forfeited. This clause acknowledges the value provided in the comprehensive package and the impact of alterations on the overall project economics.
  • Billing for Ad Hoc Work: Any work outside of this standard project plan is considered additional to the rollout and will be billed independently. This accounts for the resources and planning required to integrate such work into the ongoing project.

Proposal Modification by Client:

  • Written Consent Requirement: Once the proposal has been initiated, any request from the Client to modify the scope or terms of the proposal must be made in writing.
  • Angelion.Online’s Approval: Such modifications are subject to Angelion.Online’s written agreement. Approval will be based on the feasibility, resource availability, and impact on the overall project plan and costs.
  • Contractual Integrity: This clause is intended to maintain the integrity of the initial agreement and ensure that both parties have a clear and consistent understanding of the project’s scope and deliverables.

Acknowledgement of Terms:

  • Acceptance: By subscribing to a Angelion.Online Web Design plan, the Client acknowledges and accepts these terms, effective from the service initiation date.

General Terms for Angelion.Online

Standard Payment Terms: Upon receipt of the initial invoice, immediate payment is required, serving as a deposit for the project. Subsequent invoices will be issued with a payment term of 7 days from the date of issuance. In cases of late payment, a late fee of 5% per month of the overdue amount will be applied, calculated on a pro-rata basis. This late fee is to compensate for the additional administrative, interest, and other costs incurred by Angelion.Online due to delayed payments.

Changes, Revisions, and Error Rectification: Unless stated otherwise, the quoted price includes one round of revisions or changes. This flexibility allows for minor adjustments to ensure client satisfaction. However, additional rounds of changes beyond the first will be subject to additional charges per our standard rates. Angelion.Online commits to correcting spelling and grammar at no extra cost. Angelion.Online cannot guarantee error-free work. Therefore, Angelion.Online is not liable for any issues arising from our completed work, even if errors are reported. See our indemnity terms for more information.

Liability and Indemnity: Clients agree to indemnify and hold harmless Angelion.Online, including its directors, employees, and agents, from any claims, damages, or legal actions arising from the services provided. This indemnity covers any liabilities incurred due to the content, design, or execution of the work delivered. Clients are also responsible for ensuring that all marketing and promotional materials comply with relevant regulatory standards and laws, absolving Angelion.Online from any responsibility for non-compliance issues.

Cooperation: Successful project completion relies on cooperation. Angelion.Online commits to diligent service delivery, while clients are expected to provide timely information and feedback to facilitate project progress. Projects that remain inactive or dormant for more than 30 days due to lack of client response or input are reactivated at the discretion of Angelion.Online and may incur a reactivation fee equivalent to 10% of the project value for each month’s duration.

Ad-hoc Support and Subscriptions: Services on an ad-hoc basis or ongoing subscriptions require a valid debit or credit card on file. Depending on the client’s needs, this information will be stored securely in Stripe, Xero or Bit Warden, ensuring efficient billing and service continuity.

Charges for Additional Services: Services or work outside the agreed-upon proposal scope will incur additional charges. These will be billed according to the rates specified in our pricing table, available upon request.

Subscription and Hosting Charges: Ongoing costs associated with domain registration, website hosting, and software subscriptions are billed directly by Angelion.Online Agency or third-party suppliers. Delinquent accounts may result in the suspension of services until outstanding balances are cleared. Clients are responsible for maintaining up-to-date payment information to avoid service interruptions.

Project Timelines: Project timelines are estimated and subject to change due to various factors such as resource availability, client feedback turnaround, and scope adjustments. Clients will be notified of any significant changes to the project timeline, ensuring transparency and alignment of expectations.

Mutual Confidentiality: Angelion.Online and the client agree to maintain confidentiality regarding any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the project. This confidentiality extends to pricing, strategies, and any other information not publicly available. Breach of this confidentiality clause may result in legal action.

Use of Trademarks: The use of company names, product names, logos, and trademarks within project materials will comply with the rights of the respective trademark owners. Angelion.Online does not claim any affiliation with these entities unless explicitly stated.

Portfolio Rights: Angelion.Online reserves the right to display and use any work created for clients in its portfolio and marketing materials unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Performance and Projections Disclaimer: Past performance of Angelion.Online’s services should not be taken as an indication of future results. All forecasts, projections, or simulations are based on assumptions that may not apply to all clients.

Service Suspension or Termination: Angelion.Online reserves the right to suspend or terminate services at its discretion. In such cases, reasonable notice will be provided to the client, and support will be provided for transitioning the services to another provider, if necessary.

Warranty of Authority: By engaging Angelion.Online, clients warrant that they have the legal authority to produce and distribute the materials created. Angelion.Online reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any content that violates legal or regulatory standards.

Severability and Validity: If any clause in these Terms is unenforceable or invalid, it will not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions. Efforts will be made to amend any unenforceable or invalid clause to reflect the parties’ original intention.

Amendments to Terms: Angelion.Online reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. Clients will be subject to the most current version of the Terms for any new projects or continued services.