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Angelion is a live melodic techno producer based in North QLD. His interest in the rich complexity of sound and technology is what drew him to the world of electronic music production, where he discovered the realm of modular synthesisers.

Every Angelion set is unique, performed live and consisting of all original music which is mixed, arranged and manipulated on the fly. Each performance is sculpted by the environment and the audience that inhabits it, with Angelion orchestrating and weaving the melodies together live, creating space for the unknown, anticipating the emergence of beauty.

Each set is adorned with sound design, field recordings, atmospheric textures and layers of ambience all grounded in percussive grooves and rich bass.

Depicting the inefable
deciphering the chaos

Graphic Design

A multi-talented creative professional with over a decade of experience in graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, web design, video production, and community development. His portfolio showcases impactful and customised solutions for diverse clients, from small businesses to large-scale events. Passionate about using artistic skills for environmental and humanitarian causes.